Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

To much that I need to concern

I already told my parent about M.

(Because M. wants to know if my parent likes him or not!?)

Now everything is going fine

Actually my parent asked a lot about him

They like him, but...

still have a lot of problem

my Dad thinks that if he have a releationship with me

and my Dad will take him as his son

how can that happen...Dad and Son cant communicate with each other...

It's so ridiculous

And the second problem is HE IS GERMAN

My parent think that they dont want me to stay in Germany forever.

They are too old to take a long trip

and if I go back

I still cant spend long time with them, too

To them, it just likes they lost a daughter

Anyway, the issue is too complicated
Yesterday we still discuss a lot.

Everything is fine

I hope we can just like that

He says he likes that, too

Everyday talking one issue in the night

I still have a lot of problem need to take care

The most happiness word he told me yesterday is that he love me very much

:) That really makes me happy.

He just like my favorite Chocolate


I just like his favorite Bonsai

Its so funny!!!

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Dont care who am I

I feel some tired...

I dont know who to descrip...

Now everything is very good

just like what i want


I turned into deeply meditation

I try to find out whats happened

what am i tracing for

Everything is very nature

Now you already stay with me

and what am i still tracing for

Maybe the day we had before

one day will be gone

You always say that Im so wonderful

You feel stay with me is a very nature thing

You just want me to stay

How difficult it is!

Even though you dont feel any stress

I did!

Im really afraid of one day I must left

I need to go back to Taiwan

One day you dont feel Im so important anymore

Everything Everything...

one day must be happened

just the time problem

You say you can help me to find a internship

But that is not what I want

I dont know how long I can stay without saying anything

I need to concentrate on something

I dont want let my parent disappoint to me

You say I deserve more time
You should spend more time with me

I dont care

Because I know you more than myself

Everything is too nature......

and become a habit

you will accustomed to that everything I did

and everything is nothing

Now I need time to change myself into myself...original one!

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013








you says that...
you want me to consider one thing.
give us one chance to become in relationship
you dont want me to answer right now
just want me to think about it
Give a chance.

and we talking about the future...and Goal.. and...a lot
we just can't stop talking.
now i know you more

i know what are you thinking bout
what things you care more
but you says you feel so sorry
you can't give me more that you want to give

after long long talking...
things just like that.
i try to leave first.
because i'm scared
i'm scared she will come back to find you
and i know you're not a person like others
you don't want to hurt anyone
and i dont want you to do that, too.
About the result, we still havent any discussion.
we can't make any discussion

Both of us need some time
but you ask me to stay with you
you says if i leave now...
The other part of you world except business will become nothing
Now i know that as i saw your eyes.
I chose to stay.
so without saying anything, we are ?
and remember that, we still have a competition about ''surprise''.